Fluorescent Vaporproof Highbay (54W, 48” Fixture, Supports Four T5 Lamps, Howard VHA1)

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Lighting Applications

  • Entrance Lighting
  • Car Washes
  • Public Access Parking Structures
  • Beverage Industry
  • Food Processing
  • Construction Sites
  • Industrial Lighting



  • One-piece upper body; no seams to crack, break, or leak
  • Reinforced fiberglass body is rugged and corrosion resistant
  • 5VA Flammability Rating • Stainless steel hardware for maximum durability
  • Twelve latches for positive lens retention
  • White polyethylene molded end plugs for use as knockouts
  • High gloss, baked enamel reflective front
  • Available 95% Enhanced Specular Aluminum Reflector
  • Pressure wash up to 1500 PSI (All installed fittings must be both of appropriate type and be installed to the manufacture’s specifications)


  • Closed cell polyester gasket
  • Poured gasket seamlessly fills channel for maximum seal
  • Gasket has dry skin that will not stick to the mating surface
  • High gasket compression recovery ensures a solid seal over life of fixture


  • Injection molded for maximum strength and precise detail
  • Frosted ends and lineal prisms on sides reduce glare
  • Continuous formed perimeter provides for positive seal
  • Materials:
    • 100% Virgin Impact Resistant Acrylic Long lasting clarity and resistance to weathering OR UV Stabilized Polycarbonate Maximum impact resistance Installation
    • Shipped fully wired with Howard ballast
    • Easy access to wiring compartment and ballast via removable gear tray
    • Gear tray tethered to housing by two lanyards for extra safety
    • NEC compliant luminaire power disconnect standard
  • Mounting:
    • Standard: two versatile V-Hook mounting brackets OR Optional: wire hanging kit Ballast
    • Electronic, Inherent Thermal Protection, Class P, Sound rated A
    • UL Listed
  • Quality Assurance
    • System Tested, Designed, Approved, and Manufactured by Howard Lighting Products in Mendenhall, Mississippi.

Additional information

Weight20.5 lbs
Dimensions52 × 14.6 × 6 in





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